Leads transformational retreats at her magical mermaid mansion in Hawaii to empower women to rediscover themselves, find freedom from food addiction & overeating, and rekindle their love for the ocean.

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1. Surrender

2. Compassion

3. Know Thyself

4. Create

5. Sovereignty

6. Inspiration

7. Fulfillment

8. Passion

9. Power

10. Wisdom

11. Connection

12. Release

13. Spiritual Transmutation

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After more than 40 years of struggling with food/sugar addiction, I discovered a unique path to healing . . .

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What People Are Saying

  • Ariel Spilsbury
    Are you standing at a crossroads of desiring change in your life? In the Divine Feminine Mysteries there is a mythic figure called The Keeper of the Crossroads, who is a guide when pivotal choices and desire for change arise in our lives.  Vyana (Heather Reynolds) is such a guide, who, through her life experience, has the clarity, compassion, wisdom and unconditional love, to offer profound insights as to how to navigate the deep waters of this kind of transformation. I cannot deeply enough recommend this amazing being or the structure she has created here to support you in your process of growth and change. She is a powerful Keeper of the Crossroads who holds the keys you have been awaiting! All you  have to do is open the door!”

    www.holographicgoddess.com  |   www.13moonmysteryschool.com

    Ariel Spilsbury
    Author of The 13 Moon Oracle, The Mayan Oracle, The Alchemy of Ecstasy and Guidebook for a Modern Priestess and Gaia's New DreamCoat
  • Diana Dubrow
    If you are reading these words I would venture to say your heart is awakening to the knowledge that you are more than your body and are not living with the full expression of who you truly are.  The word, or name Vyana means the heart of compassion.  My experience in being with Vyana as my guide, on the magical island of Hawaii, is one of pure transformation and newfound freedom in living as the fullest expression of myself. My reality is that when you are willing to dive into yourself on this level, the pearls you will recover will allow you to change your old behavior and heal patterns of unworthiness forever. My heart will be eternally grateful to Vyana for offering this unique experience as an authentic experience of awakening.


    Diana DuBrow
    Scent Priestess of the Emerald Temple
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