Self-discovery is an inner adventure, discovering the parts of ourselves we may never have met before.  When we are clear about WHO we are, all else follows in alignment with our essential Self, including our birth right to joy and fulfillment.  The 13 Steps are designed to uncover our most authentic "Self" like a flower in full bloom.  Whether you follow a self-study course or join one of our support groups, you are bound to discover yourSelf more fully than ever before.

Visionary Transformation

Through these powerful practices (taking action), we uncover more of our magnificence, and Self-expression becomes a transformational process.  Our horizons expand and our lives begin to flow more authentically.  With willingness and a little courage, this visionary transformation occurs naturally.  Who we are unfolds like a gift, and the world around us responds accordingly.  By embodying our Divinity through the 13 Steps, we open the floodgates to grace, creativity and spiritual blessings, opening doors that transform our lives. This magic begins the moment you take the first step.  It doesn't take much for the universe to respond generously to your intention.


Caring for our waterways is part of my purpose here. Many of us are drawn to clean bodies of water for a reason.  They are often healing.   Many of us long to make a contribution to this planet and its improvement.  There is much that can be done.  It is time for all of us to remember our connection to water.  Our bodies are 70% water.  It is time to recommit ourselves to love the oceans, our bodies and all waterways by keeping them clean and healthy.  Mermaid ambassadors promote water awareness.