Exhibit A

A Few Possibilities You May Choose to Generate


Exhibit B

My Theme Song

I converted the disempowering song called “In my life” from Les Miserable to one of victory, but I kept the epic tune. Here are my new lyrics:

In my heart, I am holding a star that emblazons a pathway of light.
In that path, there is so much abundance and beauty
and carefree delight.
How is this? My life so incredibly blessed.
I reach for the stars. They reach back and say, “Yes!”

I even know what it means to be me.
My purpose is clear, and I’m totally free.
I’m here fulfilling the dream in me.

Take a ride on my carpet of magic. Believe me, it flies all the time.
Come along. See all creation as ours like a beautiful song.
Make it up. That’s what we do anyway.
Have no fear, let’s jump in all the way!

I am here to be love. I am here to be real.
Deep down in my heart, I can feel what you feel.
Here to remember the gifts we bring.


Exhibit C

My Sacred Trust

I, Vyana Reynolds, a resident of Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, declare that I hold certain realities in trust, to be held, administered and distributed according to the following terms:

— I declare all beings who choose to be, cancer-free and disease-free.

— I declare emotional intimacy for all beings.

— I declare a world of poetry, mysticism and of subtle beauty and ecstasy.

— I declare expansive and unconditional love even in the midst of the appearance of contraction.

— I declare all beings free to fulfill our greatest authentic potential and Self-expression.

— I declare all waterways rich with diversity and healthy for the inhabitants.

— I declare spiritual and religious freedom for all.

— I declare all beings sober from addiction.

— I declare a symbiotic human relationship with our planet.

— I declare connection, love, and laughter as the norm.

— I declare education that inspires virtues, intelligence (emotional too), curiosity and freedom to cultivate an open mind.

— I declare the mind as a tool in service to the heart.

— I declare that life is revered with awe and wonder.

— I declare a planet where individuals feel part of a community, with nature and the cosmos in such a way that their behavior considers and contributes to others.

— I declare a planet in which diverse discourse is respected, and everyone feels heard.

— I declare a world in which natural disasters are anticipated in advance and therefore create minimal damage to living beings.

— I declare compassion for all beings as though we are in the process of spiritual development, individually and as one humanity.

— I declare 100% responsibility for the world we create.

— I declare no victims or perpetrators, only opportunities for resilience, clarity through contrast, the victory of spirit, courage, empathy, and forgiveness.

— I declare deep listening to adversity as a great teacher. Vibrant health and vitality are the norms. Healing is easily understood and easily accessible.

— I declare “hard work” ethic replaced by the playful contribution of our gifts.

— I declare joy in remembrance of each other’s gifts and talents.

— I declare effortless telepathic communication with animals of all species.

— I declare access to safe contraception and reproductive choices for all beings who can make that choice. I declare that they make that choice from the abundance of resources and support.

— I declare clean drinking water for the planet.

— I declare freedom from the pollution of all kinds.

— I declare interdimensional awareness such that we can communicate with other realms and mythic beings such as angels and the fairies.

— I declare that all humans are free to express their gender(s).

— I declare peace and abundance such that all beings can focus on their spiritual and artistic gifts and that love- centered mystery schools exist to help us remember them.

— I declare that this Sacred Trust will become a movement to which others will add their truths, and we will stand together and find strength in each other’s vision for the future.

— I declare that I have read the preceding declaration of Trust. I approve this declaration in all particulars and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

Dated: April 4, 2016, Mermaid Vyana


Exhibit D

Eulogy for Vyana

Many of you knew her as Heather Reynolds. This mystical mer- maid was also known as Vyana. She was one of the greatest philan- thropists Earth has ever known.

What most never knew was that she was a steward of the Milky Way Galaxy. In her Dreamtime, she would meet with the galactic counsels and negotiate the spread of useful new technologies for this planet. She was a master of diplomacy, particularly across spe- cies, where she could transmute fear into laughter and trust at light speed. She would acquire new technologies and then inspire inven- tors to create them here on Earth to assist humanity. Giving away ideas, creating leaders, and supporting their success behind the scenes were her favorite pastimes.

Her wealth of mystical metaphor, mastery of humor, vast collection of magical moments and creative eruptions were highly sought after, and she traded them for the newest technology. One such trade was the bubble field. Some of you remember when we used to live in dense square boxes made of wood and sheetrock. Now we just say the word “bubble” to our smartphones and have a protective floating shelter on demand. This lightweight iridescent force field provides sanctuary wherever we may be, even floats on water. Similarly, since the invention of “the manifesto machine,” we don’t need to hoard food, water or clothing—we just manifest what we need when we need it, seemingly out of thin air.

This ability came from the revolutionary idea that the third dimension reality is a focused vibration that creates density. The machine assists our minds to focus long enough to attract a parallel vibration, which appears in our space at the appointed time. This invention finally freed humanity from its long history of slavery, sometimes cloaked as employment. Now all humans can meet their needs without over-consuming the planet, so they focus now on their artistic abilities, spiritual gifts, and quality relationships.

Vyana was an explorer. Her adventures took her to the depths of the ocean where she was given maps of each underwater eco-village—and the light of these maps shined out across the water at night to illumine the beauty way (as opposed to valuing the most efficient way—a theme when scarcity ruled). The creatures of the sea can feel these maps for navigation purposes and know the way even in changing circumstances such as polar melt. In ancient times, we would navigate by the stars, now we can navigate by heart—and I don’t just mean the oceans.

She wasn’t always fearless in her travels, but her courage always triumphed, and the victory of her spirit was rewarded. Her favorite place on earth was about eighty feet under water in the Puget Sound, where it’s so dark you can’t tell which way is up anymore, except that the undersea garden of sea plumes are glowing so iridescent that they light up the entire sea floor like a symphony of white flowering lights.

I’ll never forget when from Dreamtime, she brought back the remembrance of vibrational technology to psychically heal our- selves, each other and end disease for all creatures unless consciously chosen. She could start the healing process by merely asking the right question – not just a superficial question, but the core question. Usually something simple like “And what does your pain want to say right now?”

The gold standard was replaced in her lifetime by humor, emotional intimacy, and chocolate, her personal favorites, which attracted her to Earth in the first place.

The merfolk of the world democratically elected Vyana to be an Ambassador of the Sea and to speak on their behalf to humanity. She only remembered how to shapeshift into her dolphin tale toward the latter half of her life – a skill that most of us had forgotten at the time. Were it not for her pure-hearted, vulnerable willingness to take certain leaps into joy—regardless of how dire the circumstances seemed at the turn of the last century—the vibration of the planet might not have flown off the charts. This attracted the technology necessary to clean the Earth’s oceans, the air, and the soil. Earth was given a deep clean by the use of seaweed, mushroom, and fungal kingdoms. The symbiotic existence of humans and the planet was restored. The entire mermaid movement continues to this day to maintain this harmonious balance.

In gratitude, Vyana was rewarded with an underwater home of her design, lit by phytoplankton and sound bubbles (star in a jar technology). The spherical shapes of the spaces removed any concern of pressure, and now humans can live underwater just as easily as above. The design is driven by PLAY – a wisdom teaching of the dolphin community in which Vyana had attained a “black belt.”

The best part is that humanity has been humbled by the generosity of the universe and humans have remembered their nobility again. There is a knowing of their worthiness and from that a natural gratitude for the awe and wonder of this creation.

When Vyana was born, diversity was dying out, and creatures were becoming extinct, but now the planet is becoming more and more diverse as creatures begin to choose their mutations more consciously.

The radiant beauty that she saw in all beings, she shared freely. Her life was a love affair with everything. Vyana lived up to her name—she consciously touched everything with love, and miracles happened. She saw and felt the light vibration of all she met, and reminded them of their greatest gifts, inspiring them to share— delighting the entire universe. Each moment she collected in this lifetime was magical because she made it so.

She solved the scarcity epidemic of the last 6 thousand years by declaring prosperity instead. This new reality caught on and soon became the norm.

All the earth’s prior concerns were eradicated soon after she launched the Sacred Trust campaign where everyone declared reality together—to see how much of their visions overlapped and to realize how much psychic energy they could focus on creating heaven on earth.

Vyana’s visionary ideas were never actually hers—they belonged to the collective. However, when she spoke them, they were implemented across the galaxy and have brought peace, connection, collaboration and prosperity to many planets. She is most known for her bubble theory of Self and the Spiral Time Hypothesis. The latter moved us away from thinking of time as linear (which felt limiting), to a way of thinking more like a Mobius strip between dimensions, never-ending, always just the other side of the same veil—so close you can reach through to the other side. Time follows the same golden mean spiral as everything else. This approach blew the roof off every mathematical equation, and quantum physics exploded with new possibilities.

Vyana’s commitment, as a peacemaker, to speaking truth from compassion paved the way for clarity and avoided unnecessary suffering.

Vyana chose this pivotal moment on earth to assist in midwifing humanity beyond its limited thought forms to its greatest potential. She was instrumental in inspiring pure-hearted beings to identify and use their gifts such as the healing arts, clairvoyant archaeology, and underwater architecture with a focus on water and light. I’ll never forget the first day she had a levitational tea party – everyone giggled in delight as he or she floated about drinking a favorite tea.

She appeared for a time here as a seemingly separate entity from you—but she would want me to remind you that it’s just an illusion—her essence is closer to you now than ever before electrically speaking. As such, she will continue to cheer you on behind the scenes to fulfill YOUR dreams!


Exhibit E

My Purpose

I am a fountain of love and a creator of beauty on an adventure to discover our gifts and enjoy prosperity.


— I am committed to creating fulfilling relationships.

— I own, cultivate and share my many gifts and talents.

— I choose vitality and well-being in every moment.

— I choose my beliefs and how they make me feel. I am free.

— I am happy and healthy inside and out.

— I love and accept myself just the way I am, unconditionally.

— I am pure joy and a magnet for fun!

— I celebrate my success and create a life I love.

— I am more and more authentic every day as I discover and create mySelf.

— I am a beautiful temple within my body for my magnificent soul.

— I have a brilliant mind.

— I have energy which is pure delight and ripples out to the world.

— I am discerning about the character of others and choose to relate to people who are good for me.

— I create a life which is by invitation only. I create and choose everything in my life.

— I take time every day to nurture myself.

— I develop myself every day in every way.

— I am deeply connected to others and myself.

— I am open-minded and open-hearted.

— I am open to sharing intimacy and vulnerability.

— I notice and appreciate the beauty in and around us every day.


Exhibit F

Treat Ideas for Heather

— Get a massage.

— Have a hot bath.

— Turn on the music and dance around the house.

— Watch a good movie or comedy and laugh.

— Create a tea party for friends.

— Make a gift for someone in the art room.

— Ask my sweetie for a foot rub or play with my hair.

— Go swimming.

— Make a funny movie with my iPhone.

— Have a game night with friends.

— Plan my next birthday.

— Create art.

— Clean and reorganize a closet or drawer just for fun.

— Update my bucket list by looking at adventures online.

— Plan my next vacation adventure.

— Drop into meditation to find my joy.

— Work in the garden, listen to the birds and admire the flowers.


Exhibit G

Vitality Chart


Exhibit H

My Journal Entry—a Dance with Depression

Today I realized that depression and anxiety have little to do with reality or my current circumstances, and I have been reaching for something to make me feel better—food, movies, shopping, etc.—rather than admit that I’m anxious and depressed.

I only realized this today because I stopped long enough to feel. This was the same feeling I had when I was a stressed-out lawyer, over a year ago. Today, I’m living the dream in Hawaii! How could this possibly be?

I’m ashamed of my state of mind because I think I should know better. I assume that my life choices have something to do with this state of mind and it must reflect a lack discipline. My head says, “If only I would meditate every morning or exercise more, I would feel so much better.” While that is true, it’s also true that I would only be doing these things to avoid the depression.

So, let’s just get to it. Let’s go right into the heart of this depression, into the deep dark something or nothing that looms there— the core of my melancholy.

I could just blow it off as a thyroid condition, “It’s just a symptom of hypothyroidism.” This is just a chemical imbalance in my endocrine system that needs a doctor’s attention. Does anyone have a magic pill?

I could chalk it up to losing an acquaintance today. She passed away suddenly from a brain tumor. She was my age.

Alternatively, I could drop into my center and ask, “What would you like to share that is showing up as depression and anxiety?” The hard part is sitting still long enough and without agenda to listen actually to the answer. Ok, here goes . . .

It comes from a fear that I’m going to drop the ball and fail at something important. I often juggle balls beyond my known capacity and hope not to drop them, but sometimes I do drop them, like friendships. I make “to do” lists in hopes I don’t forget something important, but am overwhelmed and often don’t check it.

It includes the fear that I’m going to get in trouble even though I am well-meaning. As a child, I would get in trouble for things I didn’t even do! I’m always waiting for the shoe to drop. I fear IRS tax audits. I fear a recession that could cause us to lose our home and business. I fear one of my staff will quit and I won’t have enough help. I fear that my health or my spouse’s health will fail and we won’t know what to do.

I fear that as I come “out” as a mystical mermaid, people will try to harm me. Historically, burning at the stake or being stoned was the fate of women, who come out as powerful, beautiful and spoke the truth. I feel this history in my bones. I fear that people will try to judge me by saying that this is all “new age mumbo jumbo,” and “weird.” This happened a lot in my childhood because of my fundamentalist church. It was painful not to be fully self-expressed and be perceived as wrong.

I fear rejection from others similar to what I felt as a child on the playground when I wasn’t “cool enough” to play with them. I gave up trying to be cool and decided I’d rather be kind to others, but it didn’t stop the hurt.

(Two weeks later, I reread this journal and felt these thoughts were not trapping me any longer—just by bringing them to the forefront, they had lost their power, and I laugh at them when they arise now.)


Exhibit I

7 Helpful tips on getting out of bed earlier

1. GO TO BED EARLIER so you get plenty of sleep. Most of us need less sleep than we think, but many of us feel tired because of overeating at night. We spend the night digesting a heavy meal rather than rejuvenating.

2. LET DINNER BE YOUR LIGHTEST MEAL AND STOP EATING AFTER 8 PM. New habits are easier if supported by those around you. If you have a current pattern of staying up late watching TV with someone, you will need to ask them to turn off the TV and help you get to bed on time until your new habit is established.

3. Now is the time to learn to MAKE SOME “UNREASONABLE REQUESTS”. Requests for support are not actually unreasonable, but any request of others can feel unreasonable if like me, you’ve spent most of your life putting the needs of others first. Now, it’s time to put you first until you heal and get used to self-care. Enroll others in your plan, so they know what you’re up to and can support you in making it happen.

4. Ideally, wake up naturally, but until that begins to happen, SET A FRIENDLY ALARM and place it half way across the room. Friendly means that it does not “alarm” you. Gentle waking is important for your health because we do not want your cortisol levels to spike at any time during the day unless you are being chased by a tiger. Cortisol spikes are like a rush of adrenaline, like spending on a credit card, and leave me reaching for a sugar boost to cope with life when I drop later.

5. WAKE UP KINDLY. If feeling groggy, give yourself what it needs at that moment. In my case, I like to take three deep diaphragmatic breaths to oxygenate my blood followed by stretching and twisting my body under the covers (much like a cat does). These activities actually feel good and get my blood circulating while I’m still warm. (You could even do your daily affirmations, readings and journaling under the covers before getting out of bed if that works best for you). Then I like to take a shower or at least place a hot wet wash cloth on my face to “steam my eyeballs open” as my grandmother used to say. I have to brush my teeth. Then I normally have a big glass of water and make myself a warm cup of healthy tea. I wrap up in my comfy robe and pajamas and find a comfortable quiet place where I can dive into the 13 Steps uninterrupted.


a. Moving our bodies (sometimes called exercise) usually increases metabolism and gets energy flowing. Get moving.

b. Some of us suffer from sleep apnea and don’t know it. We can’t understand why we’re tired all the time. If you’re falling asleep all the time, you may not be getting enough oxygen at night. Be sure to get tested and treated for this! It can save your life.

7. HAVE AN INSPIRING REASON TO WAKE UP. If you don’t feel inspired to jump out of bed and start your day, make up a good reason. Find one thing you’re looking forward to that day or create one! It’s usually our passions that make us swing our feet joyfully out of bed in the mornings. Sometimes I have to make something up—like that the universe is waiting to surprise and delight me, and I have to get up to open my many presents and notice the every day miracles. The universe thinks every day is like Christmas, and I can surprise and delight others too. Make up a new game that inspires you, like how many people you can make laugh in one day. Get creative. I like to show up at the beach in my mermaid tail and say that I’m a real mermaid, and this is not a costume. I can grant wishes that way.